Air Pump Flushing Solutions


A/C System Flushing Fluids

What are they?
Errecom Flushing fluids are powerful degreasers that readily dissolve oil, tar, residual liquid, grime, sludge, impurities, heavy particles and other contaminants.
How do they work?
Errecom Flushing Fluids are injected under pressure into system components. The fast acting solvents lift particles and contaminants and drive them out. Under vacuum on the system any residue will quickly evaporate.
Traditional flushing agents evaporate slowly and therefore can easily become trapped within the system, forcing long delays in evacuation. Moreover, oil-based flushing fluids tend to leave “oily” residues that mix with refrigerants, producing uncertain results.
Our innovatory flushing fluids have the following benefits:
-- Residue-free

-- Vigorous cleaning
-- Quick and complete evaporation
-- Fast-drying - evaporating from the system within minutes without residue
-- Speedy repairs - saving time and money
-- Compatible with A/C system components (metal and rubber).
-- Effective
Flushing is essential to remove any impurities so the A/C system can
function properly and work efficiently, especially after a compressor burnout
or component failure or accident.
For quality repairs, it is vital to clean an A/C system prior to charging with coolant in order to:
-- Eliminate any solid contaminants remaining from normal wear, accident
or compressor failure;

-- Guarantee that refrigerant properties are not altered by any residual oils, improper flushing agents or other contaminants.

When the system is properly cleaned and evacuated, there will be less chance of a premature system failure.


Belnet - Fluid for A/C Flushing Units



> Residue free
> Vigorous cleansing action
> Quick and complete evaporation
> Fast drying, evaporating within minutes without residue
> Speedy repairs, saving time and money
> Compatible with A/C system components (metal and rubber)
> Effective

> 1 Litre (34 oz) Tank (equal to 0.8 Kg or 1.76 lbs)
> 5 Litre (1.32 gal) metal tank (equal to 4 Kg or 8.8 lbs)


>Download Technical Datasheet (PDF)
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