Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

closed circuit cooling towers

Closed circuit cooling towers or fluid coolers operate just like the open type, but dissipate the process fluid heat load into the ambient air via a heat exchange coil. This isolates the process fluid from the outside air, keeping it clean and free of contamination in a closed loop and creating two separate fluid circuits:

1. An external circuit, in which spray water circulates over the coil and mixes with the outside air.

2. An internal closed loop circuit, in which the process fluid circulates inside the coil.


Key benefits of Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

> Contaminant-free cooling circuit
> Reduced system maintenance
> Lower overall system costs due to year-round savings on maintenance, water and water treatment

Please see our product range below:


Series 1500 FXV

Applications: Combined Flow, Axial Fan, Induced Draft

Reduced energy consumption, easy access for maintenance, low noise design

Key Features:
> Combined flow technology
> Multiple fan construction
> Full internal access


>Download Technical Datasheet (PDF)



Applications: Counter Flow, Axial Fan, Induced Draft.

Easy access for maintenance, robust construction, low height

Key Features:
> Pultruded fiberglass construction
> Full size access panel
> Highly configurable design


>Download Technical Datasheet (PDF)


Applications: Counter Flow, Centrifugal Fan, Forced Draft.

Robust construction, compact footprint, low noise design

Key Features:
> High static fans
> Single side inlet
> External fan drive system


>Download Technical Datasheet (PDF)


Applications: Counter Flow, Centrifugal Fan, Forced Draft.

Low Height, Easy Installation, Low Noise Design

Key Features:
> High Static Fans
> Compact Construction
> External Fan Drive System


>Download Technical Datasheet (PDF)

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