Trace Dyes- Mineral Brilliant


Mineral Trace Brilliant

What is it?

Mineral Trace Brilliant is a red dye for safe, fast and precise detection of refrigerant gas leaks from A/C and refrigeration systems.

How does it work?

Mineral Trace Brilliant will locate the hardest to find leaks under the toughest conditions. The bright red leak indicators of Mineral Trace Brilliant are clearly visible, even through ice and frost. Mineral Trace Brilliant is the easiest and least expensive way to locate leaks in an operating system and is for use in systems where the lubricants travel with refrigerants.

> Leaks show as bright red stains.
> Precisely locate refrigerant gas leaks, no false positives.
> Visible even through ice and frost.
> Non-volatile and will not sludge or deposit gum.
> Solvent-free.
> Ideal for preventative purposes.
> Will not clog A/C, Refrigeration or Recovery System.
> For A/C systems with MINERAL oil


>Download Technical Datasheet (PDF)
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