Acid Test Kit

acid test

Acid Test

What is it?

Indispensable product allows in a quick, accurate and easy way to test for acid in the refrigerant oil of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems. Acid Test is ideal and important product for regular preventative maintenance and gives the precise results in seconds.

How does it work?

Acid Test consists of different chemical elements, which react on the acid, change its color and thereby identify the nominal pH level in the refrigeration lubricants of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.

> Gives accurate results in few seconds
> Easy to applicate
> Has a safer formula
> Extremely inexpensive
> Works with all lubricants (mineral oil, ABZ, PAG, POE, PAO)
> Biodegradable
> Non-flammable
> Non-hazardous
> Non-toxic


>Download Technical Datasheet (PDF)
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