Oil Test Kit

oil test

Oil Test

What is it?

It is the newest chemical solution to identify in a short time the type of lubricants contained in the refrigeration and A/C systems. In two short steps you will know what kind of oil your system holds: Polyol ester (POE); Akylenbenzene (ABZ); Mineral Oil.

How does it work?

Oil test consists of different chemical elements, which react with the lubricant, change its transparence and thereby identify the type of lubricant.

> Reliable
> Allows to reduce the time and the cost by eliminating the need for expensive laboratory test
> Avoids the expensive and widespread mistake of mixing POE and mineral refrigerant lubricants
> Easy to use
> Gives the results in few seconds
> Should be used to check the type of oil before injecting additional oil
> Compatible with all refrigerants
> Works with all oils
> Two complete tests


>Download Technical Datasheet (PDF)
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