PFM Flex 3

flex 3

Pressure Flow Meter
Applications: Handheld tool for balancing of heating and cooling systems


PFM FLEX 3 (PFM = Pressure Flow Meter) is an instrument for pressure and flow measurements. The intended usage is checking and documentation of water flow in heating and cooling constructions. FLEX 3 consists mainly of a measuring sensor and a hand terminal (PPC) including the balance program software. The sensor measure the differential pressure and communicates via bluetooth with the hand terminal.


PFM Flex 3
Measurement range:
> Total Pressure: max 2500kPa
> Differential Pressure: 0-1000kPa
> Static pressure: < 1000kPa
> Ambient temp T0: -10°C - +40°C
> System temp T1: -30°C - +120°C
> System temp T2: -30°C - +120°C


>Download Technical Datasheet (PDF)

>Download User Manual (PDF)

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