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Support Systems

Textile ducts are compatible with several types of support systems.
The choice of support system depends on several criteria:

> Diffusers’ shapes and cross-sections

> Building constraints

> Supply and fitting costs


Cable suspension
> This system is only used for circular diffusers.
> Cable suspension is the system most frequently used. It is the most economical solution in terms of supply and fitting times per meter.

Rail suspension
> The Twist’n Fix rail can be used for circular or semi-circular diffusers. 

> This support system developed by ATC offers interesting savings in fitting times.
> Only one rail is needed for textile ducts up to 1,000 mm in diameter.

Profile suspension
> This system is mainly used for diffusers with semi- and quarter-circular cross-sections.
> Using rods that act as links, the profile suspension system gives continuous, accurate guiding and provides the strength required for holding the ducting in shape.
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